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Guildford Minibus Hire and Coach Tours  

Guildford is a county town and one with a lot of tales of how it came to being. But one thing is for sure, it is one of the oldest county towns in Surrey England; having existed as early as AD 978. Its strategic position to a network of major waterways in Surrey is what made this little town rise to prosperity.  
If you are looking for minibus hire in Gilford, we not only give you affordable prices, we will help you tour Gilford in style. Our Guildford minibus hire fleet comprises of several top class Volvos, latest edition ford transit or Mercedes buses. We only give the best to our customers as we want them to enjoy Guildford knowing their transport problems are sorted.  
Things to Do in Guildford
Being an ancient town, expect many of the city’s attractions to be centuries old. By subscribing to our couch tours, we make sure you travel conveniently in a group, and have your entire luggage with you wherever you go. Our trained and friendly drivers will be the tour guide for the day; just tell them where you want to go and they will get you there.  
The Guildford Castle  
The Guildford castle is believed to have been constructed around the time William the Conqueror was leading an expedition into Europe. And since the 10th century, this medieval edifice has stood the test of time and today a beautiful garden surrounds it to add to its splendour. In this particular castle you will learn all the historical details of the town since its early times.  
The Shalford Mill 
There weren’t any advanced milling machinery back in the 18th century, so the Shalford Mill was made to do with the available river water to turn its grinding stones. The Shalford Mill was a vital establishment of medieval Guildford, feeding and sustaining villages that brought their grain for grinding. The Shalford Mill is one of the places to learn about the great village life of Guildford, and it’s even been named a Heritage Site just to preserve this culture.  
The Holy Trinity Church  
It’s right at the centre town, a red brick edifice that reeks of medieval architecture. It was built by the early Anglicans in the 18th century replacing a previous church that had been destroyed on the same site. You are welcome for a tour inside this great structure to share the religious heritage of the Guildford people from centuries back. 
The Winkworth Arbouretum  
As many visitors would advise, make sure to visit Winkworth Arbouretum in autumn. The flowers bloom, the colors come alive, the entire arbouretum transforms into a serene and surreal scene with unrivalled beauty. There are plenty of pathways through the arbouretum to walk in and take in the beauty of the blooming vegetation. The Winkworth Arbouretum also acts as a wildlife sanctuary, so expect to see some cormorants, herons or emerald woodpeckers. Pets are allowed in the vicinity as well, so you can tag along your dog to enjoy the breeze and running around the trees.  
Dapdune Wharf 
The Dapdune Wharf is a true gem for housing some of the earliest structures when Guildford was starting. This place is a true gem for anyone interested in ancient history while cruising on a boat ride on the adjacent river. Alternatively, the Dapdune Wharf has designated cycling and walking areas for a different kind of unwinding. There is a coffee shop in the vicinity as well where you can drop by for some fresh coffee and cake. But whatever you do, just make sure you don’t rule out the boat ride tour; it will be worth your time and nostalgic memories. 
Events in Guildford 

1) Madam Butterfly Theatrical Drama, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guilford (2nd Feb 2016) 
2) Operaupclose: La Boheme, The Glive, Guildford (3rd Feb 2016) 
3) Tinlin Strangely Blue Pop/Folk Tour, The Guildford Institute, Guildford (5th Feb 2016) 
4) Halfway to Paradise Billy Fury Drama Concert, New Victoria Theatre, Guildford (10th Feb 2016) 
5) Mrs. Roosevelt Flies to London, Mill Studio (Yvonne Arnaud Theatre), Guildford (3rd March 2016) 
6) Lulu James Live Music Concert, GLive, Guildford (4th Mar 2016) 
7) Invincible Theatrical Play, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford (5th Apr 2016) 
8) Rehearsal for Murder Theatrical Play, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford (12th Apr 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
We get you any bus you want, whether it’s a Mercedes 16 seater or a 72 seater. We know all the convenient road networks within Guildford and even those linking it to major metropolises like London. Just order your first minibus hire in Guildford and we will avail one of our coach tours buses at a place convenient to you. 
We want to take care of all your Guildford minibus hire needs professionally. All our minibus rentals are fully serviced and stocked with on-board amenities when you request it. Our drivers are trained and friendly; you will enjoy their company as they become your tour guide for the day. Visit our Minibus hire in Guildford website to get your first pocket friendly quote.